Saturday, May 16, 2015

Running for John is Worth the Pain

Two weeks ago the Cub Scouts had their annual sleep out behind the church - you may remember last year's hair raising adventure ( This year, I was better prepared. Besides the ridiculous, 8-person tent Gus chose, I brought an extra sleeping bag, my pillow and Skeelo to keep me company.

This year's challenge was the fact I was running in the Saint Sophia School 5K the next morning. It was my first 5K in two years, and I hadn't trained in the least.
When he saw my number, Gus opined at the disrespect of putting my age on my chest.
Rotten little punk.

My cute niece, Megan Curtice, my cousin Sophia's daughter, ran too!

I admit that it was a tough run, and my body isn't quite as resilient as it was at 25. But I finished the race.
And to my surprise, holy cow, I somehow won my age bracket!
For the next 3 days, I couldn't take a step without a painful reminder jolting my thighs.

But the race inspired me to keep running. I'll be running in the the BrockStrong 5K on May 30. This organization was created by my friends Lori and Roger in honor of their son, Brock, who passed away waiting for an organ transplant. The dual goals of this great organization are to increase awareness about the need for organ donations, and to provide music scholarships for kids, who otherwise wouldn't be able to take the private lessons needed to hone their gift.

Earlier this week I learned that I have been disqualified to be a kidney donor for my big brother, John, because of my own history of elevated glucose levels. The news felt like I was repeatedly punched in the stomach by Muhammad Ali at the height of his career. I knew in my heart I would be a match. I still believe I am, but those with more knowledge than I believe the risk to me would be too great.

So I need to do something else. Running the BrockStrong 5K is my first step. If you'd like to join me at this 5K and support this great cause, register here.

My brother John wasn't ever much of a runner, running it in his honor is the least I can do.

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