Friday, May 8, 2015

Lessons of Skeelo

So it's been two full weeks since Skeelo came to live with us.
In that short period of time, I've learned 10 very important lessons.

10 -     Meeting my 10,000 steps goal isn't a problem. He needs a lot of exercise.We go for four or five long walks a day!

9 -       He can climb trees.
8 -      The cats are beginning to speak to us they've discovered he's afraid of them.
7 -      He's quick to pick up Greek.

6 -      He loves to snuggle up in his crate.
5 -      He charmed Papou immediately (he has special treats at the grandparents'), who calls him Chauncey.
4 -      He has me wrapped around his little finger.
3 -      He's far better at waking the boys up by licking them than is any alarm clock.
2 -      He listens far better than the boys!

1 -     Every boy really does need a dog!

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